Patient/Client Resources

Relationships with our Patients

Amtran is committed and able to provide the best patient care because we are professionals whose primary focus is putting the patient, their care and comfort first and foremost.

AmTran is owned and managed by people that live in the communities that we provide services in, and we put the needs of that patient and community as a priority in our service delivery. Our service is dedicated to operate focusing on the schedule and level of care that your treatment demands, while providing you the highest level of care and respect that you deserve.

Partnerships with Client/Care Providers

Amtran strives to make your facilities run more smoothly by not only doing our part to ensure on-time transport, but also by processing the ever increasing paperwork.

We save you administrative costs by taking care of billing Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance carriers as well as completing and updating all Physicians forms.


AmTran’s goal is to simplify the process of arranging transport for yourself, a family member, or a patient to and from a necessary destination. Our Patient Admissions Specialist are trained to handle all of your needs from payment options, filing the necessary paperwork for your insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid for services, or to discuss options regarding: Facility contract services for ALS/BLS, Non-Emergency Transports, Wheelchair, or ambulatory transport services.

For more information on any of our services contact our Patient Admissions Specialist.

Patient Admissions Specialists